Texas Hospital Association Partners with ProCredEx to Advance New Model for Practitioner Credentialing



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(Austin, Texas – March 12, 2019) The Texas Hospital Association endorsed the Professional Credentials Exchange as an exclusive partner to help Texas hospitals accelerate the process of credentialing health care practitioners.

Credentialing health care practitioners is a necessary and important component in getting an organization’s clinical staff fully onboarded and able to care for patients. ProCredEx is being developed to address the challenges facing the health care industry in efficiently gathering and maintaining verified practitioner credential information. The platform leverages advanced data science, machine learning and distributed ledger technologies to create a market-level utility for exchanging this complex information.

“The methods used to perform credentialing are often dated, burdensome and time consuming.” said Ted Shaw, THA president/CEO. “THA’s endorsement of ProCredEx is rooted in its market-based approach to securely exchange verified credentials among health care industry counterparties. It is an important step forward for Texas hospitals whose primary goal is delivering timely, high quality health care for all Texans.”

ProCredEx allows hospitals to accelerate and simplify credentialing without uprooting their existing systems and processes. Using a distributed ledger solution, ProCredEx is able to guarantee the origin of the verification data while enabling a new “market” business model for the exchange of information. ProCredEx consolidates all credentials required from an individual within a ‘portfolio’ and manages the distribution and maintenance of that information according to the specific rules and requirements defined for each authorized exchange member.

“We have studied the market thoroughly in search of innovative solutions for our members and chose ProCredEx due to its transformational approach to how this work has historically been performed,” said Lance Lunsford, president/CEO of THA Member Solutions. “Its solution is not a ‘credentialing system’ per se, rather a secure and reliable market for members of the health care community to trade verified credentials amongst themselves.”

“We could not be more excited to have partnered with THA in bringing ProCredEx to the Texas market.” said Anthony Begando, CEO and Co-Founder of ProCredEx. “As the largest state hospital association in the country, THA presents the opportunity to create a state-level solution for hospitals, health systems, insurers, outpatient clinics, telehealth organizations and others — all of whom must perform on-going credentialing for their clinical staff members. Adding THA to our growing network of Design Partners continues to build the scale and implementation support needed to bring an industry-level solution to market.”


About THA
Founded in 1930, the Texas Hospital Association is the leadership organization and principal advocate for the state’s hospitals and health care systems. Based in Austin, THA enhances its members’ abilities to improve accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care for all Texans. One of the largest hospital associations in the country, THA represents 452 of the state’s non-federal general and specialty hospitals and health care systems, which employ some 400,000 health care professionals statewide. Learn more about THA at www.tha.org or follow THA on Twitter at http://twitter.com/texashospitals.

About ProCredEx LLC
ProCredEx, in partnership with Hashed Health, is developing and operating the Professional Credentials Exchange as a secure and reliable method for trading verified credentials information between disparate healthcare organizations. The exchange leverages advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies to greatly simplify the acquisition and verification of information related to professional credentialing and identity. For more information, please visit procredex.com/.