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THA Endorsed Partners

For more than four decades, the Texas Hospital Association has partnered with the best companies in the marketplace to bring Texas hospitals leading-edge products and services – at unmatched pricing.

We understand the complex and rapidly changing forces that impact efficient, quality hospital operations. Our unrivaled knowledge of the Texas health care marketplace means you save time in vetting vendors and money by getting the best pricing possible.

THA-endorsed companies undergo rigorous scrutiny of every facet of their business. Our extensive due diligence ensures that the THA-endorsed company logo serves as a “seal of approval” you can trust. Through THA Member Solutions, you can access dozens of companies hand-selected as THA-endorsed companies.

THA maintains strategic partnerships with local and national companies to provide services in several key areas, most notably group purchasing and retirement planning.

THA Does The Research For You

Through ongoing assessment of critical member needs and stringent due diligence of solutions to meet those needs, THA brings cost-effective products and services to Texas hospitals. Our team works hand-in-hand with hospital purchasing decision-makers to connect them with the best partners for their specific needs.

Our current product lines include:

  • Health Information Management Services;
  • Insurance and Retirement Programs;
  • Operational Advantages;
  • Patient and Employee Safety;
  • Pharmacy Services;
  • Physical Plant Services;
  • Physician Relationships;
  • Quality and Patient Initiatives;
  • Financial and Reimbursement Services; and
  • Staffing Support.

Turn to THA-Endorsed Companies to:

  • Lower costs;
  • Recover revenue;
  • Reduce operating and capital expenses;
  • Improve management and quality;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Develop staff resources;
  • Manage employee benefits; and
  • Apply new strategies.

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