Leadership Fellows


Leadership Fellows Class of 2024 is presented by Acadian Ambulance Service

Who drives innovation? Hospital leaders with the skills, network, and experience to drive change. Build all three by joining the next class of fellows.

The Texas Hospital Association Leadership Fellows Program was created to provide health care leaders with in-depth knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process, introduce key policy issues, and connect them with key policy shapers in Texas. At the conclusion of the program, the cohort will have the necessary tools to be effective health care advocates at the community, state and federal levels. The cohort will also join a growing alumni network that will provide key connections and networking opportunities with peers across the state. 

THA fellows will grow as leaders and will be fully equipped to lead policy discussions, drive integration and create an environment that enables the best possible patient care outcomes. Fellows engage with a diverse group of health care experts and participate in a curriculum that sparks open dialogue and debate. 

The program consists of four modules taken over the course of one calendar year. Fellows meet at THA headquarters in Austin. Each module consists of the following elements: 

  • Key policy core competencies; 
  • Real-time legislative updates; 
  • Communications and presentation strategies; 
  • Leadership and engagement; and 
  • CEO Insights 

Program Goals

1. To develop the next generation of grassroots champions by equipping fellows with core competencies in key legislative policy issues. 

2. To expose fellows to the functional areas of THA and its boards, councils and committees. 

3. To provide experiential learning opportunities that will enable fellows to form meaningful connections with key policy shapers in Texas. 

4. To create effective leaders who can engage elected officials and affect change for their organizations at the state and national levels. 

5. To recognize each fellow and offer opportunities of exposure through project work, presentations and publications. 

6. To provide key connections and networking opportunities with peers across the state as part of the growing alumni network. 

Curriculum Format
The program will include lectures, panels, facilitated discussions, project development and competition as well as a mentoring/coaching component.

Gain Exposure
Fellows will have the opportunity to highlight their skills, areas of expertise and knowledge not only in the classroom discussions, but also through the group project presentation at the THA Annual Conference and Expo. In addition, all fellows are recognized at the annual conference and receive a certificate of completion. They also are recognized in future marketing collateral and on the website.

The program will feature a business case or project aimed at solving real-world problems for Texas hospitals.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the Leadership Fellows Overview.


Lindsay Thompson, Senior Director, Education & Governance Programs, 512/465-1514