Coverage Expansion


The need for reliable access to health care services has never been more salient. There are more uninsured residents in Texas than any other state in the nation. It’s time we fix this.

The Texas Hospital Association helped drive a key form of coverage expansion across the finish line in the 2023 regular session of the Texas Legislature. House Bill 12 – pending submission and federal approval of the state’s plan to implement it – will extend Medicaid coverage for new mothers to one year postpartum, instead of the current two months. This coverage expansion will significantly improve the lives and health of Texas moms and babies, ensuring better access to care and health outcomes. Medicaid enrollees deliver about half the babies in Texas, and according to data from the state’s Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Review Committee, more than a quarter of maternal deaths in our state occur between 43 days and one year after pregnancy.

While HB 12 will make a sizable difference, THA and its member hospitals remain committed to finding more avenues to increase access to comprehensive health care coverage for every Texan who needs it. Health care coverage will help Texans maintain and ultimately improve their baseline health, ensure a productive workforce and reduce health care costs. THA continues to educate lawmakers on the need for a health care coverage solution and offers resources to support member hospitals’ advocacy as well.

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