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Holistic Approach to Insurance

Our approach is never one size fits all. Very much like healthcare professionals, at THA Insurance Agency our motto is “Specializing in You.” Our decades of experience in the healthcare risk management and insurance space have taught us to recognize and understand the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry today.

Customized Coverage

Your partnership with the THA Insurance Agency grants your hospital access to major carriers and the wide variety of healthcare-specific coverages and services. General Liability, Property, Workers’ Compensation, Cyber Liability, Professional (Physicians and Hospital) Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Provider Stop Loss Insurance, and Loss Control Services…delivered directly to you.

Risk Management for Healthcare

THA Insurance Agency Healthcare Risk Management Experts help your organization maintain its integrity by addressing risk before it becomes liability. Our dedicated professionals bring years of practical experience and cost-saving insight to every area of the healthcare industry.

Hands-On Claims Assistance

Our shared goal is to first prevent issues before they become problems. We do this by listening, observing, and interacting with your team. We also analyze your current operations and past claims to uncover correctable trends. It all adds up to a comprehensive and customized plan designed to help our clients prevent or reduce risk that may result in a claim or lawsuit.

Apply for the THAIA Cyber Protection Program

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR), there has been a 278% increase in large breach cyber incidents in health care since 2018. Along with the continued threat to health care organizations the price of cyber insurance has continued to increase, leaving hospitals and health systems shouldering more of the cost of protection and burden for security.

To meet these challenges and to better protect hospitals, the New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas Hospital Associations have partnered with Envision Captive Consultants to build a cyber insurance and risk management program uniquely customized for hospitals.

Specialized Coverages for Your Hospital

  • Cyber Liability and Billing – The healthcare industry faces significant exposures due to the amount of personal data collected from patients and governmental regulatory compliance. When these exposures and potential liabilities are properly understood, insurance can be purchased to protect facility owners from financial disaster.
  • Employee Benefits – Health Systems’ greatest asset is the people who care for patients. A well-designed EB program protects and preserves the most important piece of the organization.
  • Executive Liability – As one of the most overlooked aspects of insurance programs for healthcare facilities, insurance covering executive liability can be the difference between a facility thriving or going out of business.
  • Captive Design and Management – Best-in-Class Hospitals deserve the right to take advantage of outstanding risk management and performance.
  • Risk Management – Our Healthcare Experts can help your business stay healthy by avoiding risk before it becomes liability. Our dedicated team brings years of practical experience and cost-saving insight to nearly every area of the healthcare industry.
  • Active Assailant Prevention – Our team of professionals can assess and develop a specific Active Assailant Prevention Program tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance Program – Consolidate your equipment service contracts under one maintenance agreement, one renewal and billing date, and consistent terms and conditions. Typical coverages include Cardiology, Communication, Functional Labs, General Office, IT, Laboratory, Mail Room, Medical Imaging, Patient Care, Respiratory Therapy, Security, Surgery, plus an array of additional electronic equipment.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Our industry experts have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and long-term relationships with underwriters to provide the best solutions for their clients.
  • Property – Health Systems present unique exposures for property coverages from highly specialized diagnostic devices to business continuation plans.

We had a property claim and were having issues getting a response from our former agent to assist us with the claim. INSURICA met with us and offered to reevaluate the claim to see if we left any money on the table. Within two days I received an e-mail stating we had been shorted and would be issued $21,567.41 for the damages. This is a great example of the customer service INSURICA provides. They were not our broker at the time of the incident, and they did not have anything to gain by going after this claim for us. They took it on and I feel this is the best outcome we could have hoped for.

Jessica Booth, Permian Regional Medical Center

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