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Health care impacts everyone, and THA stays on top of all issues affecting hospitals and their patients. From tracking state legislation to lobbying on Capitol Hill, THA researches, analyzes and advocates for strong health care policies and laws that ensure Texas hospitals have the resources and environments they need to provide the best care possible. THA’s current White Papers & Reports articulate industry data and perspective on behalf of hundreds of hospitals across Texas.

Third Special Session: Vaccine Flexibility

Third Special Session: Vaccine Flexibility

2023 New Health Care Laws

2023 New Health Care Laws

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Health Care and the 88th Texas Legislature: Outcomes for Texas Hospitals

Proposed Federal Rule Would Upend Patient Care

Texas: Don’t Dismantle Outpatient Hospital Care

Hospitals Oppose Government Rate-Setting for State Health Plans

Double Threat: Federal Payment Cuts & Millions of Uninsured

Support Sweeping Efforts to Modernize Behavioral Health Care

Support Funding Boost for Behavioral Health Technology

Modernization Boosts Access for Behavioral Health Care

Process to Protect People in Crisis

Electronic Applications Streamline Detentions

COVID-19 Vaccines & Hospital Flexibility

Support the Hospital-at-Home Program in Texas

Strengthen the Prudent Layperson Standard

The Facts: Texas Hospitals Work to Stabilize Amid Harmful Mistruths

Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Staff Vacancies Result in Reduced Services

Staff Vacancies Result in Reduced Services

COVID-19 Impact Report

State Policy Priorities 2023

Hospital Payment Sources

Medicaid’s Role in Hospital Financing

State Budget Priorities for Hospitals

Federal Policy Priorities 2023-24

investigation transparency

Hospital Investigation Transparency

Hospital Financial Strain Hurts Patients

COVID-19 Positive Patients Create Extreme Burden on Hospital Resources

Streamline Orders of Protective Custody for Patients in Crisis

Streamline Orders of Protective Custody for Patients in Crisis

Behavioral Health Priorities 2023

Texas Hospitals Strongly Support Behavioral Health Priorities

Improve Access to Mental Health Treatment With an IMD Exclusion Waiver

Texas’ Medicaid Directed Payment Programs Sustain the Safety Net

Price Transparency: A Primer on State, Federal Requirements

Graduate Medical Education

2021 End-of-Session Report

87th Legislative Session (2021) & Outcomes for Texas Hospitals