Hospitals Recognized Nationally Amid COVID-19 Response



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(AUSTIN, Texas – May 9, 2020)  – As hospitals across the country prepare to celebrate National Hospital Week May 10 – 16, the Texas Hospital Association emphasizes hospitals’ important role in Texas communities and the fight against COVID-19.

“In response to this ongoing pandemic, Texas hospitals have exemplified American values of fortitude and resilience, and there is no better time to recognize their lifesaving work than now,” said Ted Shaw, THA president/CEO. “Hospitals are anchors in Texas communities. They welcome new life, mend broken bones, conduct groundbreaking research and innovate care delivery. They serve us without fail, no matter the emergency.”

When COVID-19 spread to Texas, hospitals adjusted their policies and the flow of business to best fight the pandemic. They broadened their testing capabilities to supplement public and private efforts. Texas hospitals established temporary childcare programs to accommodate dedicated frontline workers. They moved quickly to enact emergency plans, expand capacity, adjust visitation policies, advocate for their frontline staff and conserve the protective gear they needed during a time when resources were scarce.

They suspended non-essential surgeries and procedures to preserve supplies and further increase bed capacity. Texas hospitals have increased the number of hospital beds available for COVID-19 patients by 117% since March 18, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The American Hospital Association estimates the financial impact of COVID-19 on hospitals across the country to total more than $200 billion from March through June 2020, representing average loss of $50 billion a month.

Hospitals excel at preparing for the unexpected and saving lives in the process. As the state continues to reopen business, hospitals stand ready to serve anyone who comes through their doors. On behalf of the nearly 600 hospitals and health care systems and their 400,000 employees across the state, Texas continues to advocate for its health care facilities and the doctors, nurses and other frontline workers during the pandemic and beyond. THA continues to push for regulatory flexibility and financial support to support a strong health care infrastructure and a healthy workforce, providing the best possible care to the people of Texas.

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