Rebuilding Your Workforce with a Traveler Conversion Program

Nonprofit health system converts 13% of Travelers to Permanent Staff.


This article is sponsored by Qualivis.


A large, nonprofit health system recognized the unsustainability of its contingent labor spend and anticipated that this could create staffing shortages.


In conjunction with Qualivis, the health system created several options to join their organization in a full-time, part-time or PRN capacity. These programs included converting the nurses to internal travelers, joining an internal resource pool, campus PRN and full- or part-time permanent staff options. To help the health system generate interest in the program, Qualivis created visual assets, including a recruitment marketing video, in the health system’s branding to market the program to nurses. Qualivis also helped the health system highlight its employer value proposition – beyond financial compensation – that would inspire nurses to stay, such as capitalizing on the state’s close proximity to mountains and beaches, the close-knit feel of their teams and the opportunity to work in Magnet-designated and teaching hospitals.

“If you look from an outside perspective, a lot of the things we do, appear counterintuitive to our business,” says Mindy Milligan, Regional VP Program Management. “It’s not just about placing contingent workers; it’s about providing solutions to a health system to help stabilize their workforce.”


Within the first 180 days of the campaign the health system had already converted 100 travelers to staff and paid no conversion fees to Qualivis. Overall, the health system converted 120+ of its 950 travelers into permanent staff and reduced the need for contingent workers.

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