Texas Hospitals Don’t Have to be Surprised

Dexur’s predictive analytics capability allows hospitals to foresee their CMS Star Ratings, HRRP penalties and VBP payouts


This article is sponsored by Dexur.

Health care providers continually face the challenge of effectively navigating complex CMS programs such as CMS Star Ratings, Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP), Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) and Medicare Spending per Beneficiary (MSPB). These programs can seem like a labyrinth of uncertainty, often resulting in unexpected outcomes when CMS Star ratings, HRRP penalties and VBP payouts are published.

Dexur whose advanced health care data, analytics and software solutions, coupled with a deep understanding of CMS programs, can not only help Texas hospitals avoid surprises from CMS programs but also predict, simulate and improve in these programs.

1) Dexur Predictions: No More Surprises
Dexur’s predictive analytics capability allows hospitals to foresee their CMS Star Ratings, HRRP penalties and VBP payouts 1-3 years in advance. This foresight provides Texas hospitals with a strategic advantage, enabling proactive planning rather than reactive responses. Dexur predicted July 2023 CMS Star ratings in January of 2023.

2) Dexur Simulations: What Measures Do You Need to Focus On
Dexur’s simulation solutions use AI driven modeling to show specific measures that need to be improved by how much to get to a CMS 5 Star Rating, avoid HRRP Penalties or increase your VBP Payout.

3) Dexur Measures & Data: Centralized, Holistic Analytics
We consolidate all key measures impacting your quality, safety and compliance programs in one place, integrating seamlessly with internal hospital data and external sources. This comprehensive overview provides a clearer understanding of the performance indicators that matter most.

4) Dexur Goal Setting: Aligning Teams for Success
By offering tools to set goals based on simulations and organizational priorities, we help Texas hospitals align their teams towards achieving shared objectives, creating a culture of unity and continuous improvement.

5) Dexur Events & Interventions: Driving Evidence-Based Improvements
Dexur’s “Interventions & Actions” feature enables Texas hospitals to track all changes, visualize their impact on measures and employ evidence-based strategies for improved outcomes.

6) Dexur Risk Factors: Pinpointing Areas of Concern
By identifying risk factors and their impact on quality measures, we help hospitals prioritize areas that require the most attention, assisting in proactive risk management.

7) Dexur Best Practices: Applying Proven Strategies
Dexur delves into published research to identify best practices that have improved key measures, providing a reliable blueprint for quality programs.

With Dexur’s capabilities at your disposal, Texas hospitals can confidently navigate CMS programs, making strategic decisions driven by accurate predictions, simulations and data. Dexur’s goal is to empower your hospital to proactively manage these CMS programs, reducing surprises and continually enhancing quality outcomes.

Texas hospitals can request their exclusive free CMS Star Rating, HRRP Readmission, Mortality and VBP / MSPB sample prediction and simulation report by going to Dexur.com and submitting the form or sending an email [email protected].

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