THA Brings Back Annual Staff Flu Shot Clinic

When it comes to public health, the Texas Hospital Association walks the talk. This year, THA brought back the annual staff flu shot clinic. On Sept. 23, 2021, THA employees rolled up their sleeves to get their annual influenza vaccine.


In 2020, THA strongly encouraged all staff members to be vaccinated against the flu, but because of COVID-19 restrictions couldn’t hold the clinic in person. “I was excited to have the flu vaccine clinic back at the office. It made it quick and easy to get my flu shot early,” said Noelle Parsons, THA’s manager of sponsorships and exhibits.

Public health experts are expecting a more severe and earlier-than-usual flu season this year. Even a mild flu season could seriously pressure hospitals that are already pushed to the limit. THA already advocates for Texas hospitals; getting as many staff members vaccinated as possible is a simple way to put action behind advocacy.


Receiving vaccinations at THA’s staff flu clinic, clockwise from left: Brian Nicols, creative marketing manager; Noelle Parsons, manager of sponsorships and exhibits; Wendy Thomas, HOSPAC and advocacy programs manager.

“Our hospitals have been in the trenches for over a year, managing the pandemic on the frontlines. Now, hospitals are bracing for a potential influx of flu patients on top of COVID-19 cases brought on by the delta variant. Our hospitals are facing severe staffing shortages, getting the flu shot is just one of many ways we can help our hospitals preserve resources,” said Carrie Kroll, THA’s vice president of advocacy, quality and public health.

On top of vaccinating staff against the flu, THA has also launched a digital campaign in both English and Spanish to encourage flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines in the general public. THA’s digital campaign is available to all hospitals via an online toolkit. Hospitals can download digital images and messages and brand them for maximum impact in their communities.


Carrie Williams, chief communications officer, and Carrie Kroll, vice president of advocacy, quality and public health, outside THA’s flu vaccine clinic.

“We’ve learned a lot from COVID-19, and we’re urging the public to continue following public health precautions and get vaccinated against both COVID-19 and the flu. We hope all hospitals continue to share messages with their communities. We’re proud to be a source of clear, consistent messaging and are always open to ideas from our members to help them navigate the challenges they continue to face during this pandemic,” said Carrie Williams, THA’s chief communications officer.

Download the digital toolkit, view resources and stay up-to-date on flu in Texas here.