Q&A with Ollie Jo Bozeman

After 45 years of service to Texas hospitals, Ollie Jo Bozeman, senior director of Governance and Executive Administration at the Texas Hospital Association, is preparing to retire.


Above: Ollie Jo Bozeman in the lobby of the Texas Hospital Association headquarters in Austin.

In the banner: Ollie Jo Bozeman poses with four CEOs of the Texas Hospital Association with whom she worked during her tenure (from L to R): Terry Townsend, Dan Stultz, M.D., Ted Shaw and Richard Bettis.

Ollie Jo began her prolific career at the Texas Hospital Association in 1976 as administrative support. She later served as the executive assistant to the CEO and then as senior director of governance and organizational administration. Outgoing by nature, Ollie Jo has a passion for governance management and member relations.

Each year, Ollie Jo would ensure that the incoming board chair had the information and knowledge they needed to succeed in their new role. Her position within THA ensures that THA remains connected with hospital executives and administrators across Texas.

Ollie Jo’s work ethic and dedication to professionalism earned her the inaugural Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Ollie Jo Bozeman Award for Administrative Excellence, an honor bestowed upon a dedicated health care administrator each year during the THT Healthcare Governance Conference.

Ollie Jo is an active member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals and the Texas Society of Association Executives. She was awarded the Outstanding District Director in Membership in 1995 by the International Association of Administrative Professionals. She later served as the organization’s International President in 2002.

Ollie Jo Bozeman receiving the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Ollie Jo Bozeman Award for Administrative Excellence

During her 45-year tenure, Ollie Jo came to work every day to carry out THA’s mission to help hospitals help Texans. She leaves THA with a strong legacy of class and kindness.

What was your proudest moment working at THA?

OJB: I was deeply honored and privileged to be the first recipient of the Texas Healthcare Trustees’ Ollie Jo Bozeman Award for Administrative Excellence in 2018. Other proud moments would include ensuring each new THA chair has a successful year. Truly, I’m proud to have been part of the premier association for Texas hospitals. Other associations look to us as a leader. I’m so proud of who we are and the work that we do.

How has THA evolved over the last 45 years?

OJB: There have been a lot of changes and restructuring over the years. When I came to work at THA, there was no advocacy team. Our CEO at the time did any advocating that needed to be done at the state or federal level. Our communications department was a team of one, and we had name changes in the 1990s and in 2010. Now, we have a fully staffed advocacy department, a large communications team and more educational events.

Our membership used to be primarily independent hospitals, but today we have hospitals of all types. Our membership is much more diverse now, but what is amazing is that the issues haven’t changed. Funding and access to quality care remain some of our top issues; we’ve just changed how we advocate as laws and regulations have evolved.

What will you miss the most about working at THA?

OJB: That is an easy question; I’m going to miss the people the most. I’ve been fortunate to forge lasting relationships with employees, members and the THA board. I really enjoyed and loved my job and the work that we could do together and what we’ve been able to accomplish. I am proud that my contributions have made a difference in health care for Texans. As our mission states, we truly are helping hospitals help Texans.