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Ready to Hire creates new entry-level talent to fill critical support roles in healthcare through strategic train-to-hire programs. By accessing untapped talent for entry-level roles, Ready to Hire creates pipeline solutions to recruit, train and place qualified candidates for regional and national healthcare organizations.

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With Ready to Hire, your organization can access the right talent to build your team.

  • Develop custom talent pipelines: Ready to Hire designs custom train-to-hire programs to recruit and train new entry-level talent to meet your specific requirements, flexible and responsive to your talent needs.
  • Improve retention with upskilling: Boost employee retention and improve efficiencies by upskilling your current workforce, ensuring they earn the right certifications and develop valuable professional skills.
  • Elevate your brand with local talent: Connect with a vast pool of untapped local talent, fostering long-term talent loyalty through investment in educational train-to-hire opportunities. Move away from short-term transactional staffing solutions and build enduring relationships with the local workforce.

Contact: Megan McInroy
Title: Head of Partnerships
Phone: 951/240-5118
Email: [email protected]

3 Center Plaza, Suite 700
Boston, MA

The talent shortage in our industry has been a significant challenge, resulting in open roles remaining unfilled for extended periods. By developing our own talent through this program, we can ensure that these candidates are trained to our high standards and want to stay with our organization. We are delighted with the performance of our Ready to Hire trainees and eagerly anticipate expanding beyond our current pharmacy technician roles.

Michael Paquette, Senior Director
Pharmacy at Novant Health