ChartSpan is the largest full-service Chronic Care Management (CCM) organization in the United States. In addition to turnkey CCM coordination and compliance, ChartSpan offers Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) software, Remote Patient Monitoring enrollment services, and quality improvement services. ChartSpan now partners with more than 150 practices, hospitals and health systems to provide value-based care to Medicare beneficiaries.

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ChartSpan’s Value Proposition:

ChartSpan’s solutions are based on the belief that proactive patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes. However, asking overwhelmed physicians and their staff to implement a care coordination program is impractical, especially at high volume. ChartSpan Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visit, and Remote Patient Monitoring Enrollment programs relieve workload while delivering valuable support, increased revenue and better patient outcomes–with no additional startup costs.

Contact: Amanda Gyseghem
Title: Channel Manager
Phone: 630/809-6009
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