May/June 2022

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Texas Hospitals is the magazine of the Texas Hospital Association. Published six times per year, Texas Hospitals focuses on THA-member hospitals/health systems and the issues they face. From articles about innovative products and services to in-depth pieces on current issues and trends, Texas Hospitals provides relevant information health care executives can use to help their hospitals.

Featured Articles

Achieving Supply Chain Stability

Texas hospitals are navigating an unsteady supply chain and continuing to provide quality care.

Laying the Legislative Groundwork

With the Texas House and Senate receiving legislative interim committee charges this spring, THA’s advocacy team now has insight into what issues will be prioritized before the state’s 88th Legislature.

Texas Hospitals’ Progress Toward Health Equity

How Texas hospitals are continuing to prioritize and promote diversity, equity and inclusion among health care workers and patients.

In This Issue

Unwinding Continuous Medicaid Coverage

The public health emergency’s end means redetermining Medicaid eligibility for millions of Texans.

Advancing Rural Health Care

Q&A with Ross Korkmas, CEO of Palo Pinto General Hospital

Protecting your patients, data and infrastructure – battling rising cyber risk

Cybersecurity issues are no longer considered simply a technological problem.