Thermal Scanning


Prior to early 2020, and the onset of the pandemic, the Center for Technology Innovation recognized the value of Artificial Intelligence to identify strengths and improve workflows within Texas hospitals. Little did CTI or any of the hospitals know how much COVID-19 would greatly impact THA members but quickly looked to ways to support the new landscape of care delivery.

When CTI partner quickly adapted existing AI solutions to thermal temperature scanning at the point-of-entry, THA engaged with a member hospital to test the new hardware solution. Evidence from the pilot site demonstrated that with the thermal scanners, Texas Hospitals are safe places to receive care. Having seasoned healthcare experts adapt their proprietary algorithms in a new form factor means the technology is accurate and efficient and stands out among the various actors who have moved into this space.

Contact: Corey Cotton, THA Regional Ambassador
Email: [email protected]

The thermal scanners provide confirmation to staff and visitors to hospitals
like Hill Country Memorial in Fredericksburg, that we take safety to heart.

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