Diaz, Elizabeth


Elizabeth Diaz, MPH, Director of Employee Education, DHR Health, Edinburg.

Elizabeth Diaz serves as the dynamic Director of Employee Education at DHR Health, infusing her role with a wealth of expertise and vitality. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and a Master’s in Public Health from Lamar University, Elizabeth has forged a path of commitment to excellence through education in her academic pursuits.

Her impactful journey commenced as an Advisor for the Department of Education, swiftly establishing her reputation as a champion for first-gen students and their families as they navigated their academic journeys. Joining DHR Health in 2019 as a Project Coordinator, Elizabeth played a pivotal role in transforming educational programs into impactful initiatives. In her current role as Director, she leads the Education Department, creating tailored solutions that resonate with the community’s best interests. Elizabeth passionately advocates for upskilling opportunities and actively supports K-12th-grade healthcare programs, contributing to positive change for generations to come. For Elizabeth, education transcends a profession; it’s a personal mission—a dynamic endeavor aimed at nurturing growth. Her commitment to education and engagement serves as a driving force behind her success.

Certified in Grant Development, Leadership, Laughter Yoga, and Project Management, Elizabeth’s strategic approach has resulted in securing over $5 million in grant funds, significantly benefiting the community she serves.

Beyond her professional achievements, health seamlessly integrates into Elizabeth’s lifestyle. Renowned for sharing knowledge and promoting holistic well-being, she serves as an inspiration to those around her. In her multifaceted life, Elizabeth seeks nourishment from her family and friends, immerses herself in the pages of books, engages in invigorating weightlifting adventures, and amusingly endeavors not to claim the title of the worst gardener on record.

Currently residing in Edinburg, Texas, with her 5-year-old son Lucas, Elizabeth Diaz extends a warm invitation: Join her in a mission deeply rooted in her heart, where contributing to her community isn’t merely a strategy—it’s a Texas-sized commitment.