Resources for the 2024 Texas Hospital Communicators Summit


Feb. 29 – March 1, 2024

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Click here to download all photos from Day 2 (Mar. 1)
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  1. Welcome and Summit Kick-off
    1. Presentation: John Hawkins, President and CEO, Texas Hospital Association
  1. Communicators Roundtable
    1. Moderator: Carrie Williams, Chief Communications Officer
  1. Summit Sponsor: Reputation
    1. Presentation: Kyle Kilpatrick, RVP, Healthcare Sales, Reputation, and Justin Moreland, Account Executive, Reputation
    2. Reputation Health Care Solutions
  1. Zooming Out: AHA National Perspective
    1. Presentation: Emily Gustafson, Vice President, Digital Strategy, American Hospital Association
    2. American Hospital Association
    3. THA Federal Policy Priorities
  1. Texas Hospitals: Advocating for an Industry
    1. Presentation: Jennifer Banda, J.D., Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Public Policy, Texas Hospital Association
    2. HOSPAC Presentation: Carrie Kroll, Vice President, Advocacy, Quality and Public Health, Texas Hospital Association
    3. THA White Papers and Reports
    4. Advocacy in Action
    5. End of Session Report
    6. THA State Policy Priorities
  1. Comms Deep Dive: Challenges and Moving Forward
    1. Moderator: Amy Eskew, President/CEO, Texas Healthcare Trustees, Vice President of Strategic Program Management, THA Foundation
  1. Summit Sponsor: Cyrano Video
    1. Presentation: Greg Rossino, Executive Director of Marketing, Cyrano Video
    2. Cyrano Video
  1. Next Level Presence: Public Affairs and Texas Hospitals
    1. Presentation: Katherine McClane, CEO, Mach 1 Group
    2. Hospitals Reclaiming Reality/Project Pushback
  1. Hospitals in Action: A Prototype for Engagement
    1. Presentation: Carrie Williams, Chief Communications Officer, Texas Hospital Association, Amy Rios, Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Texas Hospital Association, Joey Berlin, Director of Advocacy Communications, Texas Hospital Association, and Julia Mann, Strategic Communications Manager, Texas Hospital Association
    2. Hospitals in Action
    3. The Scope
    4. COVID-19 Heroes and Memorial Day
    5. Get Out the Vote 2024
    6. THA App
    7. Action Center