Peer Review Network

THA’s Peer Review Network is designed by Texas hospitals for Texas hospitals to provide timely, cost-efficient medical peer reviews.

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Does your hospital have a secure and reliable medical peer review process?

“Our Peer Review Network came at the request of our board members who indicated that medical peer reviews were challenging, and they hoped we could find a solution, and I believe we did.”

Karen Kendrick, THA Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety

In partnership with health care leaders across Texas, the Texas Hospital Association developed a unique medical peer review network for internal and external reviews. Through THA’s PRN, participating organizations have unlimited utilization of the platform for internal reviews and cost-effective options for external reviews.

Key Benefits

Significant cost savings

Secure, cloud-based platform

Compensation for reviewers

PRN Member Testimonials

“The Peer Review Network provides a cost-effective solution for outsourced peer reviews, which is critical to the sustainability of an independent rural hospital.”

Terry Scoggin, CEO, Titus Regional Medical Center

“The Peer Review Network helps us provide better care for patients, it provides a cost-effective option for quality peer review that can be done on a timely basis, so if change is needed, it can happen quickly, which benefits all of our patients.”

Rhonda Unruh, Vice President of Quality, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

Benefits for Clinical Reviewers:
  • Reviewer Anonymity – each reviewer is randomly assigned a six-digit number and reviewer identify is shielded by the platform throughout the review process.
  • Portability – our cloud-based platform allows peer reviews to be completed from anywhere.
  • Ease of Use – the intuitive system navigation allows the medical record and peer review form to be viewed and completed electronically.
  • Compensation – all external reviewers are compensated for completing a peer review.
  • Security – all ePHI is HIPAA compliant, encrypted, password protected and visible only to reviewer.
Benefits for Medical Office Staff:
  • Affordability – one solution for managing both internal and external review processes.
  • Consistency – utilizes a consistent format across review processes.
  • Efficiency – improves workforce burden and complies with the federal “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative.
  • Regulatory Compliance – our PRN fulfills the CMS Conditions of Participation requirement for the provision of care evaluation.
  • Security – all ePHI is destroyed once the peer review is submitted and is accepted by the requesting facility.

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