THA Retirement Plan

THA Retirement Plan

The Texas Hospital Association Retirement Plan is designed specifically to meet the employee retirement needs of hospitals and health care entities.

Why choose the THA Retirement Plan?

Low Administrative Fees

THA Retirement Plan works to keep our fees low, ensuring Texas hospitals a lower overall costs compared to other competitors.

Trusted Source for Outsourced Plan Administration

Many hospitals don't have the capacity to build a team with the right expertise in house or the time and knowledge to evaluate the functions you currently outsource. With the THA Retirement Plan, rely on a trusted partner to help you relieve the internal burden while still providing the best retirement benefits for your hospital employees.

Reduced Hospital Liability

As a THA-member hospital or health care facility participating in the THA Retirement Plan, you can be confident your retirement accounts are soundly managed, well-diversified and secure.

Plans Tailored For Your Hospital

No two hospitals are alike. With the THA Retirement Plan, you have the option to customize any of our plans to work best for your needs and your hospital employees.

Resources for Participants

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Who is the THA Retirement Plan?

Texas hospitals have trusted the THA Retirement Plan professionals with their employees' retirement assets since 1969.

 Our team manages more than $40 million in annual contributions.

 More than 16,000 hospital and health care employees across Texas rely on the THA Retirement Plan for efficient, low-cost retirement planning.

 In fact, it is one of the largest trade association-sponsored retirement programs in the United States. Some 1,400 hospital retirees currently enjoy monthly incomes through their THA Retirement Plan accounts.

What does THA Retirement Plan offer?

Participants in the THA Retirement Plan can choose from the Master Trust and the THA Participant-Directed Retirement Plan. The goal is to help hospitals find the right fit that works for you.

The Master Trust provides trustee-directed investments that transfers the majority of the plan fiduciary liability from the hospital to the plan’s Board of Trustees, while giving hospitals peace of mind with outsourced compliance and communications.

The THA Participant-Directed Retirement Plan provides hospital employees greater flexibility to direct their investments.

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Download the THA Retirement Plan brochure and contact Lea Anne Porter, vice president, retirement plans, 512/465-1544.

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