Best Practices: Strengthening the supply chain, operational efficiency and financial performance


By Jon Pruitt, Senior Vice President, Community Hospital Corporation Supply Trust

Founded by a group of Texas health care systems, Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) has a 25-year history of success improving hospitals. THA has endorsed its supply chain services arm, CHC Supply Trust, and CHC Consulting, the consulting arm of CHC, to better serve Texas hospitals.

CHC owns, manages and consults with hospitals nationwide to guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and health care providers. CHC understands hospitals are vital assets to those they serve. Our services are flexible and individualized to help hospitals where they need it most.

Maximizing the Supply Chain

The health care supply chain is crucial to the affordability and quality of patient care. However, supply purchasing is one of the largest expense areas for hospitals and health systems. COVID-19-induced supply chain shortages underscored the need for supply chain efficiency and resiliency. Hospitals must optimize their supply chain to better prepare for disruptions, reduce supply chain waste and help offset COVID-19-related costs.

CHC Supply Trust partners with HealthTrust, a leading national group purchasing organization (GPO), to roll out preferred pricing for hospitals. The benefits of our GPO are tried, tested and proven daily in our hospitals. In addition to significant product savings through our GPO, CHC Supply Trust has augmented its supply chain services to help hospitals save on purchased services by aggregating volume across multiple hospitals.

More Purchasing Power

Supply costs hit community hospitals the hardest because many don’t wield the purchasing power of larger facilities and systems. With CHC Supply Trust, community hospitals can achieve the same preferred pricing typically reserved for their larger counterparts.

Find Out How Much Your Hospital Can Save

CHC Supply Trust typically identifies supply savings of at least 10 percent. Our Complimentary Supply Spend Analysis compares the cost of items your hospital already purchases to CHC Supply Trust pricing for those same items. This analysis shows a conservative estimate of how much new members can save purchasing those items through CHC Supply Trust.

CHC Supply Trust offers a spectrum of health care supply chain management services and support:

  • Access to Valify Supply Chain Analytics and Reporting;
  • Purchased Service Aggregation;
  • Supply Chain Consulting;
  • Hospital GPO Access to HealthTrust;
  • Customized Support Services Agreement; and
  • Outsourced Materials Management supply chain consulting.

Improving Hospital Overall Performance

Beyond supply chain services, CHC Consulting helps hospitals improve financial and operational performance. Whether a financially distressed hospital needs turnaround services for sustainability or a well-performing hospital needs strategic vision, revenue cycle enhancement, productivity solutions or areas of operational efficiency.

We tailor CHC Consulting solutions to a hospital’s needs. Many clients who engage us begin with our comprehensive operational assessment, which evaluates the hospital’s finances, staffing, supply chain, information technology, and revenue cycle, among other factors. This analysis identifies organizational strengths and vulnerabilities along with an action plan for short-term improvement and long-term success.

Along with operational and financial improvement, our experienced team offers a broad platform of services including strategic vision, because a common vision for the future among hospital leaders, board members, physicians and other stakeholders is paramount to success. CHC Consulting also helps hospitals across the country interpret and comply with complex, ever-changing health care regulations.

When a hospital’s future is best served by affiliation, CHC Consulting helps strengthen the hospital, then guides conversations toward a continuum of partnership options. Experience has shown that community-based hospitals can still thrive with a vision and approach that direct long-term sustainability.

When a hospital needs full management services, CHC Consulting works with the board to create an arrangement that addresses the hospital’s specific needs and circumstances.

CHC is based in Plano, Texas. Learn more at

This sponsored section is underwritten by THA Member Solutions. CHC is endorsed by the Texas Hospital Association.

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