Introducing IVP: Integrated Viral Protection

Helping hospitals create a cleaner, safer world.


The Texas Hospital Association’s Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) works on behalf of all Texas hospitals as a reliable, unbiased source for experts, information and solutions to serve hospital leaders across the state. From its inception, CTI was created as the answer to a dramatic shift in the health care industry. Technology has grown from a secondary priority to a core component in almost every aspect of operating a successful hospital.

With the threat of a global pandemic at the forefront of public health officials’ minds, hospitals and health care providers are exploring new technologies that protect the health of their patients, staff and communities – starting with the air they breathe.


Preventing the airborne transmission of acute respiratory viruses is now a primary concern for hospitals, and novel viruses require novel technologies to provide clean air. CTI is proud to partner with IVP, a new leader in air purification.

“[IVP’s] technology immediately caught our attention, and we began the process of forging a partnership to bring our members this one-of-a-kind technology. We want our hospitals to be safe for patients, their families and health care heroes. This breakthrough technology keeps the air we breathe safe, and we are proud to offer it to our members,” said Fernando Martinez, Ph.D., THA’s chief strategy officer, during a press conference hosted at the Texas Capitol.

infographic displaying the various filters included in the IVP air filtration system

IVP’s Biodefense Indoor Air Protection System™ is the only device proven to destroy 99.999% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass.

Fernando Martinez standing at a podium in front of reporters, a large Texas star on the wall behind him

Martinez speaking at a press conference at the Texas Capitol.

Integrated Viral Protection in Texas Hospitals

Hospitals expend significant time and resources on mitigating airborne contamination and hospital-acquired infections, and the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the outstanding need for enhanced air filtration. While there are many air purification devices on the market, IVP’s Biodefense Indoor Air Protection System™ is the only device proven to destroy airborne SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 (99.999%) instantaneously, in a single pass.

photo of the IVP family of products, from the large cabinet to a small desktop unit

IVP’s units come in multiple sizes depending on the unique needs of the client.

photo of a warehouse floor filled with IVP units

Houston Methodist received IVP units for their main campus.

IVP uses an FDA-approved heated filter technology deployed in multiple mobile units of various sizes or installed into existing HVAC systems. Other technologies like HEPA, UV, PECO or oxidative technologies require more extensive exposure time in order to be effective, which causes greater risk when circulating air.


“We are very fortunate to have 20 of the IVP units in our hospital. We decided to put them in the areas with the most visitors, patients and contact. There’s been a lot of great response from our staff and our patients and visitors,” said Kim Bassett, president of St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston.

IVP’s systems are user friendly, sleek and portable, quiet and ozone free. Hospitals interested in learning more about IVP can visit or contact the Alex Huff, THA’s vice president of health technology, at [email protected].