CyberForce | Q


CyberForce|Q brings over 25 years of expertise in implementing strategic, control-aligned security programs in the health care space. CyberForceIQ provides a cybersecurity framework that offers a strategic view of the cybersecurity program and drives continuous improvement. CyberForce|Q has offered this framework consulting service since 2008 and security operations services since 2010.

CyberForce Q’s services will help hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes to identify and reduce their cybersecurity risk as well as monitor for and stop nefarious activity in their IT environments. THA members will advance their cybersecurity programs faster, build trusted relationships and collaborate with healthcare peers throughout the country. Ultimately, the services enable the health system to focus on its core mission of patient care in a more secure environment.

Contact: Brad Maughan, HCISPP
Title: Regional Sales Director – South
Phone: 214-914-5183

47911 Halyard Drive Suite 110 
Plymouth, MI 48170