Price Transparency


Texas hospitals believe consumers should be engaged in their own health care decisions, with easily accessible information necessary to make prudent choices about their health care.

As consumers are asked to bear a larger share of health costs, whether through high-deductible health plans or alternatives to health insurance with limited reimbursement, interest in price transparency has grown. A variety of health care cost transparency initiatives at the state and federal levels aim to make fee/price information more readily available to consumers, and Texas hospitals continue to work to ensure they are engaged in this work and meeting the needs of patients and other consumers.

Good health care decision making should be a responsibility shared among Texas hospitals, physicians, insurers, employers and consumers alike. As with many issues in health care, price transparency is complex and requires engagement of all stakeholders along the continuum of care to ensure meaningful transparency for patients.

The Texas Hospital Association looks forward to working with health care partners to ensure consumers have the information needed to make informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their loved ones.

Price Transparency: A Primer On State, Federal Requirements

The Texas Hospital Association offers the following resource, Price Transparency: A Primer on State, Federal Requirements, to hospitals that need detailed information about current laws related to price transparency. As an advocate for hospitals and the patients they serve, THA stays on top of legal and regulatory changes that impact health care in Texas and at the federal level and serves as a resource for member hospitals that need assistance on the issues that impact them most.

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