Flores, Rick


Rick Flores, Director of Clinical Informatics and Compliance Officer, Dimmit Regional Hospital, Carrizo Springs

Rick Flores began his career in healthcare as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in 2006. He has held positions in hospital laboratories all across South Texas. He joined Dimmit Regional Hospital as the Laboratory Administrative Director in 2019, he and his team of laboratory scientists brought efficiencies to the laboratory that have improved workflows, and patient safety and satisfaction.

Rick Flores is an accomplished professional with a passion for healthcare. With a track record of excellence and a drive for success, Rick has made significant contributions throughout his career.

Rick developed an early fascination with laboratory medicine and the disparities of our healthcare system which would shape his future path. He embarked on a journey of lifelong learning, earning a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science, and a Master of Health Science in Healthcare Administration from The University of Texas Rio-Grande Valley. This solid educational foundation laid the groundwork for his professional achievements.

Rick’s career began in multiple hospital laboratories across South Texas, where he quickly distinguished himself as a team leader and mentor. His exceptional statistics and data analysis skills and his ability to apply data analysis findings to process improvements and strategic growth have led to his advancement within the industry. Throughout his career, Rick has achieved remarkable milestones. Notably, as a lab director he improved significantly improved the financial performance of his laboratory and was awarded a Methodist Center for Leadership and Excellence PILLAR award, his skills in data analysis and statistical forecasting allowed him to secure a promotion to his current role as Director of Compliance and Clinical Informatics, demonstrating his expertise and strategic vision.

Rick’s leadership and keen understanding of the clinical laboratory and healthcare industry have positioned him as a respected authority in the field. His ability to mediate makes him a great asset either in contract negotiations or in conflict resolution, this has garnered him the respect and admiration of colleagues and peers alike.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Rick is dedicated to advocating for Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians. He is actively engaged in the Regnum Christi organization, where he strives to positively impact the community by building the kingdom of Christ.

In the face of challenges, Rick’s resilience and determination have consistently prevailed. He thrives in dynamic environments, embracing change and turning obstacles into opportunities. Rick’s ability to use critical thinking and foresight has been instrumental in overcoming hurdles and driving successful outcomes.

Inspired by Ulysses S. Grant, Sir Winston Churchill, and Pope Francis, Rick continues to push the boundaries of his field. His future aspirations include obtaining a Master’s degree in Jurisprudence, where he aims to pass legislation that helps improve our current health system. His unwavering commitment to excellence and his relentless pursuit of innovation make him a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare industry. He is a true professional, combining expertise, vision, and a passion for excellence.