Compass Program Overview


Effective and successful health care leaders need comprehensive data to drive their decision-making. Thanks to THA Compass’ new partnership with Stratasan, key decision-makers like you have access to the most up-to-date data.

Here’s how you can use the Compass program to navigate your organization through the
ever-changing health care industry.

Data Collection and Regulatory Compliance

Texas state legislature requires all hospitals and health maintenance organizations report quarterly claims data to the Texas Health Care Information Collection (THCIC). Through the Compass program, participants can submit quarterly claims data directly to THCIC.

Access to the THA Compass dataset, THCIC dataset and the combined dataset ensures best of-both-worlds access to the most complete and accurate data possible.

Multiple entities work together with your hospital to acquire, update and error-check your claims data. This highly collaborative workflow ensures accuracy in your reporting and allows you to focus on making informed growth decisions for your organization.

Data Analytics

Using Stratasan’s Launch Pathway and Physician Loyalty programs, Compass Members can visualize health care physician and market data to supplement the way they make strategic growth decisions.

Take snapshots of market share, service lines, payor mix, and maps of your facility and add them to presentation-ready decks within minutes, all within the application.

Inform your marketing strategy with data and industry insights to maximize growth. As you plan to enter new markets, equip your team with physician intelligence, market trends, demographics, product lines, out-migration, and payor mix.

For more information or to schedule a demo, email the Compass Support Team at

“We use Compass to determine what services are leaving our community for treatment. It’s both a strategic tool for the community needs as well as a strategic tool for our own business development strategy. It’s an excellent program.”

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System

“My experience with THA Compass program has been extremely positive. Matthew and Rebecca are always quick to respond, always answer my questions, and have done a fantastic job of connecting us to the resources they offer members. They work to move the program forward – creating User Groups, identifying opportunities for better vendors, and developing educational materials. The Compass program has identified better products in the market and shifted contracting as a result. When they identified an opportunity for a better product to exist, they identified it and worked directly with trusted vendors to create that product – improving data collection, efficiency, and quality.”

Hill Country Memorial Hospital