2021 Founders’ Award


Texas Healthcare Trustees presents the Founders’ Award to a distinguished health care trustee with an exemplary record of leadership, dedication and excellence in health care governance. The Founders’ Award is the highest honor bestowed to a trustee.

Scott Hibbs

Hendrick Health

Whether Scott Hibbs is working on a water resources project or seated at the board table at Hendrick Health, his exemplary leadership is evident. A listener and problem solver, he gained the respect of his peers at Hendrick—where he has dedicated his time for nearly 28 years as a board of trustees member. During his tenure, he has become a student of the health care industry, a steward of Hendrick Health and a servant to its mission.

“Every community hospital board needs a person like Scott Hibbs. His years of service to Hendrick reflect a deep love and commitment for our organization and its mission. His wisdom, business acumen and character define him as a leader,” said David Morris, former Hendrick board chair.

After graduating from Texas Tech University with a civil engineering degree, Hibbs began his career as a water resource consultant. In 1992, he began a second, volunteer, career when elected to the Hendrick board. He has since served with three CEOs at Hendrick Health.

“I have had the privilege to serve on the board with Scott for 18 years,” said J.V. Martin, former Hendrick board member and chair. “He is a strong leader who is willing to serve in every capacity. He has been hesitant to serve on multiple boards at once, because of his devotion to the Hendrick board and is dedicated to giving his best to the organization.”

Hibbs devotes himself to leading and improving Hendrick. He climbed the leadership ladder, serving as board chair from 1998 – 2001 and again from 2004 – 2006. He was re-elected as a trustee in 2014 and served as chair from 2014 – 2015 and 2019. He has also served on the Hendrick Medical Center Foundation Board. Hibbs, along with the board, has engineered generations of leadership at the institution. He served as chair for two of Hendrick Health’s CEO search committees, 14 years apart, to hire both the fourth and fifth CEOs in the organization’s 97-year history.

“Scott is a real consensus builder. He has his own opinions but always listens to others. He has a passion and commitment to Hendrick, and he adjusts his life to serve it,” said Brad Holland, president and CEO of Hendrick.

Hibbs strives to meet the needs of the community. He played an integral role in countless projects for the organization, including leading the board in the decision-making process to pursue Project 2010, the organization’s largest construction project that grew the campus to 10 times its original size. The project’s innovation positioned Hendrick to offer the community the best facilities and the latest technology, and attract some of the best physicians to Abilene. In 2019, as chair of the board, Hibbs was instrumental in shepherding Hendrick Health through difficult processes and decisions that allowed the institution to expand the region’s access to health care and extend its mission by purchasing two nearby hospitals — one on the south side of Abilene and one in Brownwood. Project TT, which stands for Transformational Transaction, closed Oct. 27, 2020, the landmark moment that ushered in a new Hendrick Health.

“Scott’s dedication and vision for Hendrick Health is seen everywhere we look — on our main campus, on the south side of Abilene and now in Brownwood,” said Larry Smith, Hendrick board chair. “Our hospital and community are truly blessed to have a man of Scott Hibbs caliber, dedication and integrity.”

Hibbs and his wife, Becca, are a testament to the high-quality service Hendrick offers its patients. As a couple, they share their stories and advocate for Hendrick. In March 2013, Becca received a breast cancer diagnosis. The Hibbs used her cancer diagnosis as an opportunity to share her cancer survivor journey while praising her treatment at the Hendrick Cancer Center.

Hibbs once said, “Since the board lives and works outside the hospital, we get to see what is going on from many perspectives. We are also consumers of health care. We have a board that works hard, studies the issues through debate and discussion and is guided by prayer.”

At a national level, Hibbs was a trustee representative for the American Hospital Association Regional Policy Board (Region 7) and participated in AHA’s Trustee Leadership Network. He has served as a board member and chair of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, the Abilene Industrial Foundation and the Community Foundation of Abilene.