• THA Compass

    Data solutions for hospitals

I want to …

  Submit claims data electronically to the state of Texas on time and error-free.
  Use claims data to steer my hospital's business development strategy
  Give my hospital’s physicians data that can improve quality of care and minimize care variation.
  All of the above.

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THA Compass: Packages


 Business development insights

 Outmigration insights

 Track patient demographics

 Compare Competitor performance

 Query physician loyalty



 Submit claims to THCIC

 Track key deadlines

 Check for errors

 Other key features



THA Compass: Our Goal

Data should give you answers, not more questions.

That’s why THA has established partnerships with a select group of top health care technology companies on the market to help shape data solutions that provide the right answers for hospitals across the state of Texas.

THA Compass gives hospitals a suite of tools that analyze patient claims data to address questions from the teams across your hospital need to answer in order to provide the highest quality of care for your patients.