What Is Compass?

The Texas Hospital Association’s Compass helps more than 250 Texas hospitals with timely and accurate extraction and submission of mandated claims data to the Texas Health Care Information Collection. Additionally, Compass provides detailed quarterly reports that participating hospitals can use to identify key service line and market share opportunities and benchmark performance on quality, costs and charges.

Why Do Hospitals Use Compass?

Compass makes it easy for Texas hospitals to comply with state regulations and take advantage of a unique database that’s the largest of its kind in the state.

The Compass dataset offers:

  • Fresher data. Compass releases data 110 days after the end of each quarter.
  • High-quality data. Compass data include national provider ID so hospitals can identify their highest- and lowest-performing physicians.
  • Severity- and risk-adjusted data. Compass reports are benchmarked against that of the hospital’s peer group, ensuring relevant comparisons.

The Compass Difference

Compass Care Comparison® reports provide a quarterly snapshot of how hospitals are performing relative to their peers. The reports provide information in key areas such as mortality, complications, length of stay, costs, charges and market share. Unlike data reports available elsewhere, Care Comparison drills down to the physician level to identify highest-performing physicians and highest-performing service lines.

The report allows hospitals to:

  • Compare market share to other hospitals in the same primary service area;
  • Target top opportunities for improvement;
  • Benchmark hospital performance to the expected norms; and
  • Identify where performance lags or excels when compared to top-performing hospitals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing varies per hospital/health care system and is based on net patient revenue.

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