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From the capitol to regulatory agencies, THA represents the interests of its member hospitals/health systems. With in-depth knowledge of issues that matter most to Texas hospitals, THA is frequently asked to provide expert testimony and help craft rules to implement recently passed legislation. THA also provides Texas hospitals with a presence in Washington, D.C.


THA offers hospital administrators and staff a broad range of continuing education focused on enhancing hospital operations and performance. In the health care industry, change is constant. With this in mind, THA develops programs to help members strategize and meet head-on the challenges of frequent changes in regulations and obligations. Use the Event Calendar to find upcoming educational opportunities.

The THA 2017 Annual Conference and Expo is Jan. 26-27 at the JW Marriot Austin. Learn more and let's advance health care together.


Health care for uninsured costs hospitals $5 billion annually

(Oct. 18) Editorial: Federal and state laws mandate that hospitals provide care in their emergency departments to every single person who seeks it, regardless of whether he or she has health insurance or the financial resources to pay. And, in Texas, more than 5 million residents don’t have health insurance ... Read more

READ: 2017 Texas Hospitals’ Policy Priorities

Texas hospitals strive to provide the highest quality care to any Texan who seeks care at their facilities. Hospitals also are required by federal law to provide, at a minimum, a medical screening to anyone who seeks it and to provide stabilization and treatment services for an emergency medical condition, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay ... Read more

WATCH: THA’s John Hawkins testifies before Senate Cmte on hospital financing and the Medicaid 1115 waiver.

View Hawkins’ testimony here. Read THA’s press release here.

State Study Confirms Importance of Supplemental Hospital Payments

(Sept. 2) Texas hospitals will incur more than $8.2 billion in unreimbursed health care costs in fiscal year 2017 if supplemental payments, currently distributed through the Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver, are no longer available once the waiver expires at the end of 2017, according to an independent study ... Read more

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