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  • The Smart Ribbon® delivers transparency to clinicians with real-time cost, opioid and risk data.

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The Smart Ribbon Prepares Clinicians to Become Financially Conscious Stewards.

THA and IllumiCare created the Smart Ribbon to improve collaboration among hospitals and physicians to deliver efficient care with the best clinical outcomes.

Infographic: Empowering Clinicians to become Stewards

Alex Huff, senior director, data management systems and health IT, 512/465-1558

The Smart Ribbon Prepares Clinicians to Become Financially Conscious Stewards.

If we expect physicians to actively manage margins, they need tools that are unobtrusively incorporated in their workflow.

Variable costs, length of stay and reimbursement are the three manageable drivers of profit or loss on an inpatient admission; and all three are dependent on provider decisions. The easier we make it for providers to be a good steward of resources, get patients clinically ready for discharge and document appropriately for reimbursement, the better and more efficiently they will do so.

IllumiCare synthesizes these three functions conveniently into provider workflow via the Smart Ribbon®.

The Smart Ribbon is a non-intrusive ribbon of information that co-resides on the screen with the EMR and contextually nudges providers.

Benefits of the Smart Ribbon:

  • It requires no separate login, patient lookup or EMR integration.
  • It is EMR-agnostic and does not disrupt clinical workflow.
  • It appears only in the user-preferred portion of the screen. If a provider does not interact with it, it automatically minimizes into a “micro-ribbon.”


Illumicare’s Stewardship app personally coaches each provider, within patient context, of lower cost alternatives.

The app uses your own wholesale acquisition cost for medicines and your direct, variable cost accounting data for labs to give a true representation to providers of what things cost. More importantly, we know the cost of every order, by every provider, the provider specialty and the patient’s acuity. From that, we understand variation in practice patterns among similar providers and use contextual “nudges” to educate and modify behavior to reduce variation and inpatient costs.

Length of Stay (LOS)

The LOS app displays clinical barriers to discharge to remind the attending physician of clinical issues they control that could deter discharge when appropriate to consider. It does this by showing the current length of stay versus GMLOS, IV medications being administered, peripheral devices in use, and abnormal labs in the last 24 hours.

IllumiCare delivers a real-time notification system directed to the appropriate clinician to acknowledge, adjudicate, and incorporate a CDI query into their documentation. It unobtrusively facilitates timely responses to queries prior to discharge, thereby allowing for proper reimbursement and avoiding delayed reimbursement.

Physician Cost Transparency


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