Using technology can improve collaboration among hospitals and physicians, and THA's new joint venture with IllumiCare is a step toward bridging that gap. Physicians are now aligned with health systems in sharing savings and helping them improve their current financial concerns. What physicians order and write (or don’t write) is a top driver of hospital costs through the influencing length of stay, quality of care and tests performed. The critical part is making this part of the physicians’ daily workflow.

Physicians’ orders control 87 percent of hospital expenses. However, they know very little about the cost of each item they order. Many studies have proven that informing physicians about treatment costs and/or risk of patient harm, at the time and place they are about to order the next test or medication, causes them to order fewer and less expensive tests and medications. However, there is currently no tool to automate this process.


THA Smart Ribbon is a patent-pending, non-intrusive ribbon of information that hovers over a hospital’s electronic medical record and gives physicians real-time, patient-specific and cost and patient risk data about the patient concurrently being viewed in the electronic medical record.

Figure 1

If the physician does not interact with the ribbon within five seconds or if he or she clicks the “X” in the top right of the main ribbon window, the main ribbon minimizes to a “micro-ribbon.”

Figure 2

From the main ribbon, providers can access more detailed ribbons of information about medications, labs and radiology as well as a price-lookup feature.

Figure 3