Hospital Operations


As care complexity increases and reimbursement decreases, Texas hospitals continue running their facilities and operations in the best interest of Texas patients. Texas hospitals need financing stability and programmatic flexibility to create innovative solutions for delivering higher quality care to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve. The Texas Hospital Association tracks and will help educate lawmakers in their efforts to:

  • Evaluate whether, in light of recent Texas Supreme Court rulings, the provisions of the Public Information Act are adequate to support transparency and accountability in government, particularly as it relates to government contracting and procurement. House Committee on Government Transparency & Operation
  • Review licensing requirements and fees imposed on business entities. Make recommendations for state licenses and fees that should be reduced, repealed or transitioned to private-sector enforcement. Senate Business and Commerce Committee
  • Study the impact of data breaches or theft on Texas consumers and businesses. In particular, study the consequences of recent data breaches and subsequent mitigation efforts. Review the existing standards of risk as well as the current best practices in securing sensitive and personal information held or used by private industries. Determine if existing rules and regulations offer adequate consumer protection while allowing continued economic success for businesses in the state. House Committee on Business & Industry
  • Examine the survey process for nursing facilities to determine any duplication of government regulations. Consider recommendations to reduce duplication while ensuring patient safety is preserved. House Committee on Human Services
  • Monitor and make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance and/or complete implementation of initiatives to strengthen oversight of long-term care facilities to ensure safety and improve quality for residents and clients of these entities. Senate Health and Human Services
  • Study whether Texas businesses are able to circumvent state and federal immigration law by hiring employees through temporary employment agencies rather than hiring employees directly. Explore whether businesses that enter into contracts with a state agency should participate in the E-verify program as part of the awards process of a state contract. Make recommendations on how to best guarantee the integrity of our state’s workforce. Senate Select Committee on Employment Practices


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