Smart Ribbon
  • The Smart Ribbon® delivers transparency to clinicians with real-time cost, opioid and risk data.

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The Smart Ribbon® empowers clinicians

with a complete, focused picture of real-time costs and risks to inform treatment decisions.

THA and Illumicare created the Smart Ribbon to improve collaboration among hospitals and physicians to deliver efficient care with the best clinical outcomes.

Over-utilization is both harmful to patients and wastes limited health care resources. THA and IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon provides a ribbon of unobtrusive information that is embedded within or floats over a hospital’s EMR to give providers real-time data within the physician workflow. With it, providers order fewer and less expensive tests and medications, helping improve patient safety while lowering the cost of care. Smart Ribbon’s newest features now provide patient-specific opioid risks, giving physicians critical information without extra clicks or logins.

Proven Outcomes

The Smart Ribbon has been studied in both academic and community hospitals, comparing the behavior of providers with and without access to the Smart Ribbon of the same sub-specialties, in the same hospital and DRG-adjusted. Providers with Smart Ribbon, immediately after go-live, dropped their average spend per admission by $170.

Provider Workflow Friendly

The Smart Ribbon was designed by physicians for physicians. It unobtrusively presents actionable information, while putting the user in complete control of notifications. With an Up Vote / Down Vote, providers can curate their personalized interests or simply mute all.

Painless Implementation

The IllumiCare team has implemented technology solutions in more than 500 hospitals. The Smart Ribbon was built to use existing HL7 feeds and existing user authentication methods. There is no EMR-integration required. The Smart Ribbon is a service designed for us to do the heavy lifting, so that our customers get the benefit without the pain.

Alex Huff, senior director, data management systems and health IT, 512/465-1558

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