Vote: 2024 THA Board of Trustees


Please cast your ballot for the 2024 THA Board of Trustees. You may select “Yes” to vote for the entire list of candidates or vote “Yes” or “No” for each individual listed below.

To learn more about each candidate, read the candidate bios.

To view remaining board members, view the list of continuing trustees.

If you have questions, please contact Sharon J. Beasley, [email protected], or 512-465-1030.

Board Ballot

I vote "Yes" for the entire ballot:
Chair-Elect – Jim Kendrick
Trustee – Sam Bagchi, M.D.
Trustee – Cory Edmondson
Trustee – Eric Hamon
Trustee – Allen Harrison
Trustee – Holly Holcomb, RN
Trustee – Peter McCanna
Trustee – Charles (Chuck) Stark
Trustee – Matthew (Matt) Stone
Trustee – Susan Turley, CPA
Trustees – Adam Willmann

Members of the THA Executive Committee

These members will serve on the THA Executive Committee in addition to the chair, chair-elect, immediate past chair, secretary and THA President/CEO.
Sam Bagchi, M.D.
Jacob Cintron
Cris Daskevich
Allen Harrison
Peter McCanna
Terry Scoggin, CPA
Susan Turley, CPA

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