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Among the many responsibilities of a Texas hospital leader is advocacy – talking about what a hospital does, what it needs, what its challenges are and how it serves as an economic and community anchor. This advocacy can take many forms, from testifying before a legislative committee and presenting to a local chamber of commerce to penning an op-ed for the local newspaper and educating frontline employees on hospital financing.

To help with this advocacy, THA has compiled county-level data from multiple, publicly available sources that cover a number of measures, including number of full-time hospital employees, number of uninsured residents and total hospital expenses. The data can be used in conjunction with a hospital’s specific financial data on Medicaid shortfall and uncompensated care costs, for example, to help demonstrate the impact they have in their communities and their ongoing challenges.

Vital Signs Tx is designed to reinforce the understanding that hospitals are absolutely vital not only to an individual patient’s health but to the health of an entire community.


Kate Hendrix, director, policy analysis, 512/465-1556

Aisha Ainsworth, director, advocacy communications, 512/465-1511