Assisting Texas Hospitals

by identifying new technologies that advance health care

THA’s Center for Technology Innovation connects hospitals with innovative technology solutions that help streamline operations and ultimately improve care. From data visualization to cybersecurity preparedness, THA helps Texas hospitals better serve their patients through technology.


Atlas, THA’s powerful data visualization tool, helps hospitals make sense out of their data and turn it into actionable insights they can use to develop a strategy to grow market share, build patient volume, and attract and retain the best physicians.
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The THA Patient Data System helps hospitals with timely and accurate submission of mandated claims data to the Texas Health Care Information Collection and provides reports to help them benchmark performance.
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Radar, THA’s cybersecurity awareness program, helps hospitals protect their valuable health care data by testing, training and re-testing employees to ensure they can properly identify and respond to phishing emails.
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THA Smart Ribbon

THA Smart Ribbon powered by IllumiCare gives clinicians real-time, patient-specific cost and risk data at the point of care, allowing them to make the best decisions for their patients when it matters most.
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