Tidal Basin


Tidal Basin employs the top talent from the emergency management industry who bring expertise in successfully assisting our federal, state, local government and private sector clients. Our goal is to assist clients to identify and achieve emergency management and disaster recovery goals. We were founded on the principles of maintaining high integrity of our staff, delivering quality work at the best possible price and delivering results for our clients so they can maximize their return on investment. Tidal Basin is at the cutting edge of recovery issues related to FEMA and other federal and private funding sources and its group of highly skilled disaster recovery, preparedness and mitigation professionals are up to date with requirements of the Joint Commission, CMS and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Our leadership position within the field of disaster preparedness and recovery arises from our reputation for strategic thinking and effective management of the total financial recovery process and has allowed us to gain experience on some of the most challenging and high-profile losses of the past three decades. On this foundation of excellence and client advocacy, we have gained our credentials in the healthcare preparedness and recovery field.

Contact: Don Forse
Title: State Director
Phone: (512) 470-1013
Email: dforse@tidalbasin.rphc.com

675 N. Washington St., Suite 400 
Alexandria, VA 22314