CAHQI Bootcamp Materials – 2024



Please contact Sheila Dolbow ([email protected]) if you need more information.

Sheila Dolbow: Prior to joining THA, Sheila served as a Health Science educator with the Liberty Hill School District.  She also has extensive experience with forensic nursing and as a Trauma Coordinator.  In her Clinical Initiatives role, Sheila leads the Critical Access Hospital Quality Improvement (CAHQI) project in collaboration with the State Office of Rural Health. In this role she provides education and technical assistance to critical access hospitals across the state. Sheila has also taken on the management of the external peer review portion of the THA Peer Review Network, making assignments for peer review to help hospitals maintain compliance and improve the quality of care provided.

Nina Costilla: Nina obtained both her BSN and MSN from Texas Tech University and began her career as an RN with Texas Health in Dallas.  Prior to joining THA she served as an inpatient Nurse Manager for 7 years.  Upon joining THA Nina assumed primary responsibility for the HQIC contract deliverables.  She also plays a key leadership role with the PSO and contributes to the CAHQI and ASPR programs.  Nina’s role and her Green Belt experience allow her to effectively collaborate with quality, patient safety, and risk leaders in THA member hospitals to addresses and improve clinical processes, patient care, and quality outcomes.