Why are we rebranding the Texas Hospital Association family of companies?
The THA logo and associated images are due for an upgrade following more than a decade of minor tweaks and updates. The previous brand also presents a number of challenges. As THA continues rollout of associated joint ventures, programs and products that necessitate a more versatile brand mark, the “THA” acronym limited how THA is able to include those services in a unified and clear way. At the same time, THA’s typography required updates to reflect a forward-thinking organization that embodies our vision for the future of health care in Texas.

The rebrand will be made official at the THA 2017 Annual Conference and Expo Jan. 26-27 in Austin.

The rebrand includes a new look and style for everything THA, including:

  • Brand Marks
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Supporting Graphics
  • Photography
  • Seals and Endorsements
  • THA Website

Brand Marks
The primary identifiers for THA and the family of companies consist of a representative symbol and a word mark. The previous brand mark, a dark blue box with the letters THA in Times Roman with a star overhead, will be replaced by a new symbol that no longer includes "THA" as a design element. This symbol will be used with all organizational segments and affiliate companies alongside the company title.

THA will be using Freight Sans Pro on all printed, presentation and website materials, either in "light" or "bold" variations. This font replaces both Times Roman and Arial in all cases, with the exception of emails, where Arial will continue to be used for most copy (due to technical limitations set by general email standards outside of THA's control).

THA's current color palette, led by the dark blue of the old logo, will be replaced by a palette featuring a lighter shade of dark blue, a bold red and a suite of secondary colors for accent.

Supporting Graphics
A full library of new, original graphics will accompany the change in typography and color. Produced internally by THA's Jeremy Gordon, manager of creative services, the graphics will be used to support and enhance THA's message.

Three main photo styles comprise much of THA's new brand photography. According to Gordon, "Whenever possible we avoid using stock photos in favor or real photos of our members, staff, hospitals and Texas landscape. Stylistically, the photos depict hope, teamwork and unity in our membership and in the state and industry. Shallow depth of field, bright highlights and muted black tones allow the subject to stand out in a busy environment."

Seals and Endorsements
The new THA symbol was used to recreate the THA official seal used on documents such as certificates and awards. A similar design will be applied to the Endorsed Partner seal.

THA Website
The THA website will match the design of the rebrand, with updated fonts, layout, graphics and photographs. And while we were there, we tweaked the layout to be even more responsive for mobile devices. 


Lance Lunsford, chief marketing/ business development officer, 512/465-1052