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Headstrong Passwords

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It’s no longer enough to invest in intrusion protection systems and network security services such as anti-virus software. Today’s hackers are going after your most important and perhaps most vulnerable asset: your employees. Through increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks, hackers are tricking people into handing over their log-in credentials, allowing them unchallenged entry into your network.

THA’s cybersecurity awareness program tests, trains and re-tests employees to reduce their vulnerability to phishing threats. It uses customized phishing emails designed to attract poorly trained computer users and provides immediate feedback in the form of online security awareness training. The initial test establishes a baseline and identifies the organization’s risk posture. Employees who fall prey to the simulated attack then receive training to improve their ability to detect and avoid such attacks. A second test sent following the training tracks the organization’s reduction in risk. In addition to educating employees and thereby lowering risk posture against cyber threats, the program helps hospitals demonstrate their compliance with required security awareness training.

THA’s cybersecurity awareness program helps you identify vulnerable employees and monitor the effectiveness of information security policies, procedures and training. Ultimately, the program helps hospitals:

  • Strengthen employee awareness of common and not-so-common phishing scams and how to respond appropriately;
  • Demonstrate that leadership is committed to providing workforce education and training on cybersecurity threats and improving compliance with such requirements; and
  • Mitigate the risk of a cybersecurity attack at your hospital that could cost millions of dollars in fines, claims and loss of reputation.

THA will send employees simulated phishing emails with a fake link. Employees who click on the link will be redirected to a website where they can learn about phishing emails and how to avoid falling victim to these attacks. All employees will be tested a second time at a later date to track the organization’s reduction in risk. THA will provide detailed reports of organizational performance to the designated project lead.

Performing this testing semi-annually or annually can help reinforce your organization’s commitment to a security-aware culture and to mitigating the risk of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Pricing for the program is based on the number of active employee email accounts.

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