The difficult processes associated with bringing a physician on board might be a thing of the past. For many hospitals, the credentialing and enrollment process is time intensive and expensive. As multiple departments within a hospital may need to credential a physician or allied medical professional, multiple layers of redundancy can be inefficient and disruptive in what is a necessary process to ensure medical professionals are qualified and able to provide the highest quality of care to patients.

A new joint venture, THA Credentialing and Enrollment Services, between the Texas Hospital Association and 3WON, simplifies and automates the credentialing process. The result is increased compliance and reduced friction for practitioners. Increased compliance also get practitioners to begin billing sooner rather than later.

“The collaboration with THA will help participating hospitals reduce the administrative burden and costs for physicians and all allied services,” said Tom Bartlett, 3WON founder and president/CEO. “This will give health care providers more time to provide greater care, safety and convenience to both patients and their families.”

One of the primary challenges of traditional credentialing and enrollment is compliance by medical professionals due to burdensome and repetitious requests for the same information from a variety of sources. THA Credentialing and Enrollment streamlines the collection and management of data through a single form, which is mapped and auto-populated to any internal form used by the hospital. The end result is increased satisfaction among medical professionals, reduced hospital risk, and accurate provider directories.

THA Credentialing and Enrollment centralizes core elements of a practitioner’s file while simultaneously supporting an individual hospital’s specific criteria for privileging and enrollment. In doing so, it:

  • Provides a centralized repository of authenticated medical professional credentialing and demographic profile data.
  • Reduces redundancies and excess costs.
  • Alleviates the administrative burden.
  • Keeps information current through ongoing monitoring of practitioner data at no additional charge.


Tim Smith, 630/992-7777 or Emily Freeman at efreeman@tha.org

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