Compass Marketplace

Let Compass Marketplace steer your hospital in the right direction.


In 2018, THA made big changes to improve the Compass program. Arming hospitals with more than a way to submit clean claims data to the state of Texas, Compass offers hospitals powerful analytic tools to understand market share and provide insights for strategic planning.

A Better Way to Inform Decision Makers

Through straightforward intelligence and visualizations, Compass clearly shows where volume is increasing or decreasing, your service area’s demographic makeup, and what service lines are being utilized.

Compass, now powered by Stratasan’s cutting-edge analytics tools, is more powerful than ever. Designed around a visual intelligence platform, Compass transforms hospital demographic and market data into straightforward insights. Hospital teams can remove the roadblocks of data crunching and progress to the more high-value work of growth strategy and planning.

The platform gives hospitals in-depth insight of how they are performing relative to their peers, as well as key data like outmigration, physician loyalty and demographic shifts and trends.

Compass is designed to offer hospitals more ways to manipulate their data, as well as more dynamic visuals. The capabilities of the Compass Dashboard makes it simple to filter and view reports that offer hundreds of key performance metrics, which can assist a hospital’s decision-makers with their business strategy and planning initiatives.

The platform makes it easy to turn reports into presentations with Storyboards; design and automate custom reports that can quickly be shared team-wide. Compass is designed with collaboration in mind, making it easy for teams to review data in real time and make strategy designs based on real-time insights, not a long list of unanswered questions.

Collect, Error Correct, and Submit on Time

Compass gives hospitals a simple, straightforward means to submit regulatory data to the state of Texas, without errors, and with built-in features to ensure hospitals comply with deadlines.

Optional Add-On Features

Physician Referral Data: Uncover growth opportunities with inbound and outbound referral reports. Quickly understand physician relationships and use Compass’ intelligence to streamline efforts to drive more referrals and growth for hospitals.

Analytics Suite: With a suite of add-on tools, the Compass program can also offer analysts the ability to query billions of data points in a matter of minutes using full access to state data sets. The tools are perfect for “slicing and dicing” data for special projects or requests and can easily be shared company-wide. The analytics suite offers options for advanced data analysts, as well as those not interested in wrangling raw data.


Matthew Colecchi