Bill Aston Award Eligibility and Nomination Information


Hospitals or health care systems that are active institutional members of THA are eligible for this award. Nominated projects must demonstrate improved outcomes in patient care and be related to a national or state standard for improved patient care. Projects must demonstrate ongoing involvement by both physicians and trustees.

Selection Criteria
Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. A maximum of three Bill Aston awards may be awarded each year: one to an academic institution or large teaching hospital member; the second to a non-research, non-teaching member; and the third to a rural hospital member.
  2. The project/initiative submitted must demonstrate and document improved outcomes in patient care. Metrics might include reductions in specific infection rates or readmissions for specific diagnoses or increased compliance with specific protocols. Consideration will include the rate or delta of improvement.
  3. The project/initiative should be related to a national or state standard regarding improved patient care. Any clinic or nationally recognized issue, identification of an institutional problem or challenge, or team decision based on clinical factors or indicators is ideal.
  4. The project/initiative must have documented sustained effectiveness; a minimum of one year of improved performance/outcomes is required. The project/initiative must have been initiated in the last three years.
  5. Preference will be given to projects/initiatives that have been replicated and sustained within the entrant facility.
  6. The project/initiative must demonstrate a multidisciplinary approach which includes the ongoing involvement of physicians.
  7. The project/initiative must demonstrate an ongoing role for the hospital governing board. For example, regular reports or educational activities related to the project for governing board members could demonstrate the board’s involvement.

Selection Process
The selection committee is composed of one member of the Texas Healthcare Trustees board, one member of the THA Board of Trustees, the THA president/CEO, one representative of the TMF Health Quality Institute, and one representative of the previous year’s winners. Hospitals represented on the selection committee are ineligible to receive the award during the member’s committee tenure. Hospital representatives serve one-year terms.

The honorees will be featured in THA publications and recognized at the THA Annual Conference and Expo.