Texas Hospitals Editorial Calendar
  2019 Editorial Calendar

Note: The editorial calendar is subject to change without notice.

Main Feature: A New House in Texas: Is It a New Day for Health Care?
Secondary Features: Hospital Leaders Take on Emotional Intelligence
Main Feature: Responding to a Behavioral Health Care Shortage
Secondary Features: Telehealth: Models of Implementation at Work in Texas
Defining Your Hospitals Culture to Recruit & Retain
Annual Conference Recap + THA 2018 Award Winners
Main Feature: A Safe Place to Work: Balance Partnerships with Security
Secondary Feature: 86th Texas Legislature Recap
Culture: Teaching Resiliency and Flexibility
Communicating Pricing Transparency
Main Feature: The Impact of Texas' Economic Miracle on Hospitals
Secondary Feature: Population Health: Models at Work in Texas Communities
Creating Buy-In with (The Right) Data: What’s the Secret?
Main Feature: Future Workforce: The Impact of Technology and What It Could Mean for Hospitals
Secondary Feature: Role of Diversity in Health Care
Implementing a Policy Change: A Real-World Look at How Hospitals Shift Gears
Main Feature: 2020 Incoming Board Chair Profile
Secondary Feature: Workforce: Physicians as Contractors: Creating a Seamless Culture in a Physician-Contractor Environment


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