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I started this blog because I believe strongly in open and effective communication. Digital communications tools like this blog allow me to share information quickly and efficiently so you have what you need to make informed decisions and take action. I might share policy-related information or an educational opportunity or just a news item of interest.

Good communication is all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time. This sounds simple, but in a complex health care world characterized by rapid change, this can actually be quite challenging, especially for hospitals that have to communicate with multiple audiences for different purposes.

Marketing to increase patient volume is different from communicating with physicians, which is different from advocating on behalf of patients with lawmakers and from sharing must-know information with the public during a crisis. Yet each of these must be part of successful hospital communications.

I encourage you to attend THA’s upcoming Health Care Strategic Communications Summit to learn how to be more effective health care communicators. Held August 7-8 in Austin, this event covers all aspects of hospital marketing and communications from crisis management and customer relationship management to grassroots advocacy and generating leads through social media.

We hear a lot about the importance of transparency in health care. Transparency starts with recognizing the importance of communications. And that starts at the top, with hospital leadership.

See you in Austin on August 7.

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