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TexasAIM: Empowering Providers and Saving Lives

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Each year, over 400,000 children are born in Texas – accounting for roughly 10% of all US births. According to the 2020 joint biennial report from the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the rate of severe maternal morbidity in Texas was 182.3 per 10,000 hospital deliveries in 2018. Texas has made significant progress in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity, but we can always do better. 

Through a partnership with the DSHS TexasAIM Program, the Texas Hospital Association is working with more than 200 hospitals across the state to improve that. The health of moms and their babies is a top priority for health care providers across the state.

The TexasAIM initiative focuses on saving lives by reducing obstetric hemorrhage, improving obstetric care for women with opioid use disorder and reducing severe hypertension in pregnancy. TexasAIM kicked off in Texas by focusing on lowering obstetric hemorrhage rates. 

Obstetric hemorrhage is a leading cause of preventable maternal mortality and can happen at any hospital at any time. Caregivers must always be ready to respond. TexasAIM's obstetric hemorrhage bundle focuses on readiness, recognition and prevention, response and reporting and systems learning. Recently, TexasAIM began distributing innovative birthing simulation kits to participating hospitals. The simulators allow caregivers to practice realistic obstetric hemorrhage drills. This hands-on training prepares providers to respond in real-time. 

TexasAIM's high-quality training helps doctors and nurses work like a well-oiled machine in an emergency. By training more providers, the response team expands and enables better outcomes. The bundle also ensures that OB units have the supplies they need on hand for rapid response to a hemorrhaging patient. 

TexasAIM empowers providers through its collaborative nature. Birthing hospitals across Texas work in tandem to solve issues that impact all women and children units. OBGYNs are all working toward the same goal. When it comes to taking better care of moms and babies, there is no competition. TexasAIM members have a strong record of working together to form best practices. 

Even during COVID-19, TexasAIM members have found ways to collaborate and improve quality care. The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) held the 2020 TexasAIM Summit virtually to celebrate the program's important work. During the summit, participants discussed strategies to enhance readiness, recognition and prevention, response and reporting and systems learning. Participants also learned about how to incorporate different actions to support equity in maternal health care.  

More than 500 hospital and health care workers from across the state participated in the event. The summit is a clear demonstration of Texas hospitals' commitment to implementing evidence-based care guidelines to make Texas the nation's healthiest state for moms and babies. 

High-quality maternal health care impacts the entire population of Texas. Having healthy moms means that future Texans will be healthier and more productive. TexasAIM empowers obstetric physicians and nurses to develop the best possible methods of care for their patients.

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