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Close the door on threat actors

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Today, more than ever, health care professionals need to do all that we can to protect the sensitive information and data that patients entrust in our hospitals’ electronic systems. If we have a way to prevent or even limit the extent of damage that could be caused by a threat actor, we should. One way we all can help is to commit and adhere to use only strong passwords.

Most of us know we should not use the same password for multiple websites or create passwords that are overly simple but, often, heeding that advice can be cumbersome. Yet a set of strong passwords is one of the best things that individuals can do to help keep their hospital safe from cyber criminals.  

To help hospital employees create good habits for passwords, both while at work and outside the hospital walls, THA’s Center for Technology Innovation created a method called Headstrong Passwords. It’s a system to help people create and keep track of passwords that follow the best advice of information security experts. Built on the premise of a “pass-phrase” rather than passwords, this easy to remember method delivers (1) strong passwords that are easy to remember and (2) ensures that each system used has a unique password.

We hope that all of our Texas hospitals find the Headstrong Passwords method as easy and useful as we do.

(Headstrong Passwords is patent pending from Texas Hospital Association. All rights reserved.)

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