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Texas Trauma Hospitals Need Funding to Save Lives

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The Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, was bustling during my time at Parkland, and it is still today, as with most Texas trauma centers.

As Jorie Klein, director of nursing for the trauma program at the Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland Memorial Hospitals, Dallas, stated in a recent editorial, trauma is an equalizer. It does not discriminate. Trauma can and does happen to anyone.

Many people, in fact.

Texas trauma centers provide life-sustaining treatments to more than 130,000 trauma victims annually.

This treatment is often long and resource intensive. Average inpatient length of stay for significant trauma injuries is almost nine days.

Texas trauma centers’ annual uncompensated care costs exceed $300 million.

Yet, the Texas Legislature currently is considering multiple pieces of legislation to repeal or dilute the primary source of funding for Texas trauma hospitals.

This legislation threatens trauma centers’ ability to continue providing life-saving care.

That’s why Texas hospitals are working with lawmakers to help them understand the priceless return on the state’s investment in Texas trauma hospitals.

Without dedicated state funding, it is highly likely that fewer Texans will get the lifesaving care they need in the event of terror, natural disasters and the more prevalent motor vehicle accidents.

Click here to join THA’s trauma funding support campaign and get updates on how you can take action to preserve our trauma hospital funding.

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