Sponsor Spotlight: IBM Impact Grant

Since 1964, the Texas Hospital Association Foundation has focused on health care leadership and clinical best practices education and research. But as new president Stacy Cantu and her executive team looked toward the future, it was clear that THAF needed a new strategic plan. 

After receiving an IBM Impact Grant for Strategic Planning, THAF hosted a two-day planning session facilitated by IBM consultants. During the workshop, THAF and IBM completed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, evaluated their mission and vision, and identified key goals -- including re-branding the organization, strengthening connections with critical stakeholders, and re-shaping the framework for delivering the best services and resources to Texas hospitals. 

IBM consultants also guided THAF in identifying specific shorter - and longer - term activities to successfully grow and reach their vision of “exceptional care, healthier Texans.” 

By working with IBM consultants, THAF is in a stronger position to deliver better service to its clients. The Board of Directors has approved the goals developed during the strategic planning session, and THAF has begun work on the first priorities.

THAF extends appreciation to Beth F. Tracy, IBM Corporate Citizenship Manager, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, for strategic partnership offerings and representation.

Former THAF President/CEO, Stacy Cantu (center front), makes a point during the THAF strategic planning workshop made possible by an IBM Impact Grant to THAF.

IBM Certified Project Manager, Joan Hogan (left), makes an observation while Senior Managing Consultant, Michael Wong, and THAF Vice President of Clinical Initiatives and Quality, Cyndy Dunlap, look on.