The strength of the THA Leadership Fellows Program lies in its heavy focus and research on key issues for hospitals. The program maximizes the connections THA has with legislative staff, policy experts, hospital/health care system leaders and community members. It offers a unique opportunity for fellows to gain deep knowledge in the key policy issues health care leaders face on a day-to-day basis.

Expand Your Network

Interact with and learn from health care leaders across the state and network with an elite group of peers.

Increase Your Knowledge

Gain in-depth knowledge of the key policy core competencies that hospital executives are expected to know in today's political environment.

Learn How to Engage Elected Officials

Learn about the legislative and regulatory process and understand how to better engage elected officials.

Be an Active Member of THA

Develop a strong working knowledge of THA and its various services and functions and become well versed and prepared to serve in committee and board leadership roles.

Gain Exposure

Highlight your skills and areas of expertise through the high-visibility opportunities the program provides, such as presenting at the THA Annual Conference and Expo.

Gain Recognition

Be recognized for your participation and accomplishments at the THA Annual Conference and Expo.

Give Back

Participate in an advisory capacity and help guide future classes of THA fellows.