Feb. 6-7, 2018

Houston, TX

As a health care professional working to deliver the highest quality care to your community, you are well aware of the many challenges facing the industry. And you know you can’t solve them on your own. Join your colleagues from across the state at the THA 2018 Annual Conference and Expo for two days of learning, collaborating and advancing health care. Together.


Texas hospitals are on the cutting edge. They offer best-in-class facilities and world-renowned care. They are pioneering care delivery models. And they are fighting hard to find solutions to their toughest challenges. Their strong workforce, revolutionary innovations and Texas pride propel them in their quest to advance the health care industry.


As the focus continues to shift from volume to value, population health is emerging as central to the success of hospitals. Texas hospitals care not only for their patients, but also for their entire communities through innovative programs and services. They work to improve patient engagement and overall health outcomes, ultimately reducing costs.


Today’s patients are more involved in their health care than ever before. Texas hospitals are leading the way with technology-based treatment models and collaborative partnerships to guide patients successfully through the continuum of care. They strive to provide safer, more efficient care and achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction.


In order to survive, succeed and lead, Texas hospitals must collaborate across unexpected lines and work together. From the smallest rural facility to the largest urban system, health care providers in Texas are joining forces to tackle their most pressing issues and provide the best possible care to all Texans.