Q) How is THA Credentialing and Enrollment different from other software vendors and CVOs?

A) THA Credentialing and Enrollment has uniquely combined multiple elements in the credentialing and enrollment process. We have developed proprietary SaaS based software known as ProStat and paired it with a CVO and an array of features and services designed to enhance physician compliance. Our online SmartForm is filled out only once, and we work with the practitioner or their proxy throughout the year to maintain the data, using database updates, email reminders and short questionnaires to verify any demographic data changes. This provides the most accurate, verified data possible and significantly reduces re-credentialing time and effort. We obtain and track information that most systems do not, such as immunizations, conflict of interest and CME credits, and notify physicians of impending changes and issues, which helps medical professionals to better monitor their careers and reduces a hospital’s negligent credentialing risk.

THA Credentialing and Enrollment has developed a series of reports that connects various departments within the hospital with critical information they may need. Marketing will have access to specific data for directory purposes. A hospital General Counsel can be kept aware of adverse actions that may have been initiated in other states. Medical Staff Services is kept apprised of impending license issues and other expirables. We provide a health system with as many active users as you deem necessary and with rights-based usage that you determine we ensure that only the appropriate data is distributed.

For THA Credentialing and Enrollment clients who adhere to our credentialing data processes, we will provide liability insurance against negligent credentialing claims, with insurance layered to provide substantial coverage.

Q) Do you do credentialing for nurses, PAs and other non-physician health professionals?

A) Yes, our SmartForm is highly adaptable, and we can populate standard and custom forms to handle the credentialing and enrollment needs of allied professionals and non-physician practitioners.

Q) How would THA Credentialing and Enrollment’s ProStat credentialing tool integrate into my existing applications?

A) Because of our SaaS-based architecture, ProStat implementations do not involve a costly IT integration with your critical internal hardware and software systems. We have the capability to rapidly connect with other software and reporting applications and capabilities you may have.

Q) How does your pricing and billing work?

A) THA Credentialing and Enrollment charges $199 annually per medical professional to provide credentialing data, and will monitor and update that file continuously on a near real-time basis throughout the year without any additional charge. THA Credentialing and Enrollment also provides health plan enrollment services for $300 per newly enrolled physician, which automates the process and can substantially shrink enrollment cycle times. This service is typically needed by approximately 12% of credentialed professionals annually, due to turnover and new hires. THA Credentialing and Enrollment submits invoices on a monthly basis for completed files, and fees will renew annually thereafter.

There is no software to purchase and no licensing, maintenance or implementation fees with THA Credentialing and Enrollment credentialing and enrollment services.

Q) Who has access to and will see the credentialing data you obtain?

A) Within a hospital, access to data and reports is based on user rights that the hospital establishes. Outside the hospital, the data is provided only to entities with whom the hospital has agreements, privileges or contracts to share such data, such as health plans, PPO networks and government and regulatory agencies. Publicly available information such as demographic data is co-owned by the individual hospital, the Texas Hospital Association and THA Credentialing and Enrollment.

Q) How do you ensure the security of the data?

A) All credentialing and enrollment data are secured on HIPPA-compliant servers, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting and backups. AWS was designed and is managed to multiple best-practices and standards within the industry, including (but not limited to) HIPPA and PCI DSS Level 1. The AWS infrastructure, coupled with THA Credentialing and Enrollment’s proprietary security design which incorporates multiple instances of data disaggregration, ensures that all data collected and saved is optimally protected.

Q) How do you onboard a hospital?

A) First, our staff works with the hospital’s medical staff service, enrollment, IT and other applicable teams to determine how best to fit current and future credentialing and enrollment needs and connect with any necessary internal systems. THA Credentialing and Enrollment then typically credentials roughly 1/12 of the medical professionals each month, so that by year end the entire staff is credentialed, with the data maintained and updated thereafter in near real-time. We will accommodate differing needs if there is preference for a different schedule or a desire to accelerate the process.

Q) What is the length of the contract?

A) A THA Credentialing and Enrollment hospital contract is a twelve (12) month contract starting from the date of payment, renewing annually unless otherwise cancelled 60 days prior to the renewal date.

Q) What happens to the medical professional’s data if a hospital cancels a contract?

A) If a hospital terminates a contract, THA Credentialing and Enrollment will extract all the data, including client attachments, notes, audit trails and third-party verified documentation and deliver it to the hospital in a mutually agreed-upon format. If desired we will retain the data secure in our system for up to a year afterward.


Tim Smith, 630/992-7777 or Emily Freeman at efreeman@tha.org

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